Northport American Legion Post 694

We Support the Troops


April 4th, 2017

Following a long held tradition of the Northport American Legion, Legionnaires will once again be  offering “Red Poppies” to the public on Sunday May 14th. Our members, family and friends will be located at various places including Copenhagen Bakery, Tim’s Shipwreck Diner, Giunta’s Meat Farm, and Stop and Shop, as well as at the corners of Church and Main Street, Laurel and 25A, and Elwood and Pulaski. In East Northport they will be located at 5th Ave. and Larkfield and at IGA, Hummel-Hummel Bakery and Home Depot.
The American Legion has adopted the “Red Poppy” as a symbol of our nations war dead and has pledged to remind our community of the debt owed to the millions who have answered the call to arms and have died on the battle field.
100% of donations collected by our volunteers are used to support veterans in need and those cared for at the Northport Veterans Administration Hospital. The Northport American Legion is a 501c19 Corporation. Your tax deductible donation may be sent to the Northport American Legion, P/O Box 58 Northport, NY. 11768. You can make arrangements to pick up additional poppies by calling us at 631-261-4424.

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